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Join me in the summer and experience the mountains with me!

Besides the offered journeys, there are many other options: a custom made course, climbing Mont Blanc or Matterhorn, climbing easy 4000m peaks above Saas-Fee, etcetera.

I believe in bespoke adventures, tailored for the individual or a group, which are perfectly designed for the clients requirements, fitness level and matched with routes according to the conditions in the mountains.

I also believe that journeys made with friends can be very rewarding and fun, although a group of single individuals on an exciting adventure can become life long friends too. In the end, sharing the mountains and the experience with a group of friends, old or new, will be a great memory to look back at.


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Alpine courses

Alpine course - Beginners

This is the perfect course for aspiring alpinist who are keen to learn the basic skills associated with attempting easy summits. For six days you will learn the basic techniques and gain basic experience for alpine climbing.

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Alpine courses

Alpine course - Advanced

The perfect course to become a fully independent alpinist. The main progression from the beginners course is moving and climbing in steeper and more complex alpine terrain. Durins six day you will become a more experienced alpine climber.

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Alpine Summits

Alpine Summits in the Alps

Climb Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Eiger or any other mountain in the Alps



Just because you don't see the trip you are looking for in our top 6 doesnt mean we can't do it ! Make an enquiry and tell us what you are looking for.