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Surviving Cholatse - Short Documentary

In 2016 Roeland and Mike tried to climb the north face of Cholatse, a 6440m high mountain in Nepal. After a very good start an accident happened and instead of aiming for the summit, they needed all their energy to get down safely. This is the story about surving Cholatse north face.

Roe face 100 100

By Roeland Van Oss

May 27, 2020
As it is not possible to give public lectures for the time being I decided to make a short movie/documentary about my expedition in Nepal in 2016.
Me and my climbing partner Mike, attempted a 1500m north face of Cholatse. However, things didn’t go to plan: we tried, didn’t summit, but survived.
Mountaineering is like life: sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail. Robert Allen wrote a long time ago that ‘there is no failure, only feed-back’. We learn from our failures and our mistakes, as long as we get back up again. But in life and also in the climbing community, we don’t often like to talk about our defeats.
This is my true story.

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