de klimmer

Mijn Beklimmingen

In de laatste jaren heb ik vele mooie routes in de Alpen geklommen: hier zijn enkele van de meest fantastische!:

  • 2007 -  Swiss Route  - Les Courtes North Face
  • 2007 - Ortler North Face
  • 2007 - Salbit West Ridge
  • 2008 -  Ginat  - Droites North Face
  • 2010 -  Vivagel  - Aig. Verte North Face
  • 2011 -  Carrington Rousse -  Aig. du Pelerins
  • 2014 - Dent Blanche North Face
  • 2014 -  Schmidt Route -  Matterhorn North Face
  • 2016 -  Royal Traverse - Mont Blanc - 1 day!
  • 2017 -  Hasse Brandler  - Cima Grand North Face
  • 2006 -   Comici - Cima Grande North Face
  • 2007 -  Palivicini Rinne -  Gross Glockner North Face
  • 2007 -  Cassin - Piz Badile North Face
  • 2008 -  Lagarde  - Droites Nort Face
  • 2011 -  Carly Cassange  - Aig. du Midi North Face
  • 2011 -  Heckmaier 1938 route -  Eiger North Face
  • 2014 -  Colton McIntyre  - Grandes Jorasses North Face
  • 2015 -  English Route  - Aig. Verte Nant Blanc
  • 2017 -  Cassin  - Cima West North Face
  • 2018 -  Lauper  - Mönch North Face

Articles and media

Most of them are in Dutch....

North Face of the Courtes - Swiss Route - 2007

An article in the NKBV-hoogtelijn magazine, about our climb on the north face of the courtes.

Wilde Kaiser: an article about the climbing area

The Wilde Kaiser, an amazing rock area in the north of Austria, which has so many wonderful routes. From easy to hard, short or long, there is so much to climb!

Winter Climbing in Scotland

A forgotten place, far up north, with amazing mixed- and ice routes. (NKBV - Hoogtelijn)

Eiger North Face

Another article I wrote for the Duth Alpine club (NKBV - Hoogtelijn - 2012) about my climb of the EIger North Face and the amazing history this big mountian holds.

Snowboarding on the summit of Mont Blanc

In 2014 I guided 2 snowboarder to the summit of Mont amazing descent followed. This is an article about that journey.

Alpine climbing - the biggest danger

An article I wrote to remind people what the dangers are with alpine climbing an how to deal with them, 2016.

Interview after K2 expedition

An interview for the Dutch Alpine Club (NKBV - hoogtelijn), after our safe return from the K2 in 2008. 

Ice Screw test

An article I wrote (NKBV - Hoogtelijn) about how to deal with ice screws and how much they can hold when you fall in them.

Roeland van Oss - Mountain guide!

In 2012 I became the 7th fully qualified Dutch UIAGM/IFMGA mountain guide. My local paper in the Netherlands wrote an article about this amazing achievement!

Vallée Blanche - The biggest off-piste descent of Europe!

In the winter of 2014 I skied the Vallée Blanche (Chamonix Area) with a journalist of one of Netherlands biggest newspapers. This is the article about our ski down.

Forgotten skitours in the Alps

An article for the Dutch Alpine club (NKBV - Hoogtelijn, 2014) about forgotten skitours around the Alps.

Roeland van Oss - Interview

In the winter of 2018 I was interviewed bij the Dutch Alpine club. This is the interview in their magazine (Hoogtelijn, 2018)